Weak PSU. Shall i go for 4850?

Hi guys,

Thinking of buying the HD 4850. But the problem is that i've got a weak PSU and i'm tight on budget so i cannot go for a cooler master. PSU details are as follows: pls tell me whether to go for the card or save some money to buy better PSU?

450W UMAX(Local brand i guess not sure)

Yellow +12v: 25A
Blue -12V 0.8A
Orange +3.3v 32A

There are two sets of cables:
One for the sata drives.
One for the older ATA drives (4-pin).
No 6-pin supply :(

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  1. Forgot to mention the CPU configuration:

    AMD Athlon 2 X2 250
    ASUS M2N-68AM PLUS Motherboard
    2GB DDR2 800 RAM
    LG DVD Writer
  2. Instead of the HD4850 have you considered the newer HD5750 or even HD5770? The latter stretches your budget a bit, but they are newer than the HD4850, they support DX11 and they run much cooler due to their new cores and optimisations. Even the HD5750 should be a bit quicker if not as quick as the older HD4850 if you overclock it a bit.
    Regarding the 6-pin supply, todays cards usually include a molex->6 pin adapter with the card package so don't worry about it. Even if they do not give you one, you can buy one for a couple of dollars.

    Forgot to mention that if you can't wait, go for the card and enjoy your rig (your PSU should live long enough until you get the money for a proper one). If on the other hand you are after complete stability, want to overclock etc etc, then you should wait until you get a good quality PSU.
  3. Yes the HD5750 is a better card, dx11 compatible and uses significantly less power if you can afford it. Same applies for the HD5770.
  4. I agree...
    Hd 5750/5770 will be better as you have a weak PSU.

    Very power efficient :)
  5. Anything more powerful than a 5750 or 5770 and you will need a better PSU.

    CoolerMaster, although they make really good cases, does not count as a better PSU.
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