Gigabyte 970A-ds3 CPU Cooling Options

Hello, I'm having a slight issue. I want to buy a new CPU cooler as the stock on isn't up to the job when it comes to gaming and OC'ing. Im running a AM3 CPU on a AM3+ Mobo.
My board is a Gigabyte 970A-DS3. My problem is as you can see in the picture, if it worked correctly, is the CPU and the Ram Modules are very close. Does anybody know of any decent CPU Coolers that will fit? I'm hoping to spend no more then £25.
Oh and i'm aware that im missing a Graphics card i had to send it back due to it not working correctly!:(
Many Thanks
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  1. As long as you have low profile ram, I believe the Hyper 212+ will do the trick perfectly. They are pretty cheap at $30 USD and for the price they are excellent coolers. I still say I love the blue of those GB boards. :)
  2. I RUN A DEEPCOOL MC3002GX ON MY 1100T AND FX 8350 DOES A GREAT JOB KEEPING THINGS COOL O GIGABYTE AND ASUS BOARDS . USING GSKILL RIPJAWS and sniper , fits no problem . sorry bout the caps , prob with keyboard
  3. Cheers guys, much appreciated i went for the Hyper 212+ hopefully it will arrive on Monday-Tuesday! :D
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