Intel 320 120 gb ssd vs intel 520 gb ssd

I got a $220 budget, and i would like to know which drive has the most performance per dollar ratio. I mainly use it for mild dolphin gaming, surfing the internet and, watching movies and casual video rendering. I'm also concerned with reliability, intel got 5 year warranty which i find amazing.

I was looking at the read Random 4KB specs as i believe that's what i'll use more.

Intel 320 120gb has read/write 38K IOPS / 14K IOPS. (low write speeds, don't know if i'll really use it though

Whereas, the 520 120gb has 25,000 IOPS / 80,000 IOPS. (High write speeds, where would this benefit me?)

I'm about to buy the intel 320 120 gb because it offers faster read 4KB speeds or am i wrong?

Thank you for your opinion/advice.
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  1. The 520 is the newer of the SSD's that Intel has to offer and I personally would go with the 520. I am looking at the 240gb SSD from Intel 520 cherryville line.
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