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I have a dell i546s slim desktop and i want to upgrade from the integrated video card with an after market one thats worth about a hundred bucks...can anyone recommend a card that fits in the case and one that does not require me to upgrade the power supply as well....thanks
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  1. I believe you have a 300 watt PSU and your best Card in a slim SFF design for around 100 that will be able to be run by your PSU is a Nvidia 9600GT.
  2. Go to and pick up a Radeon HD 4550 with either 512MB or 1GB RAM for next to nothing. Not the fastest card around, but handles most anything with acceptable results. Cool, quiet, small. Just what you are looking for.
  3. I'd go with a low profile 5570 personally, low power consumption but still enough power to game with lower detail settings.
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