P4M900 M7 SE Resets on boot with WIN7 32bit

Hey my fellow IT Specialists got sort of a common problem but need clarity, :lol:

My brother and i got windows 7 ultimate, i installed it activated it runs like a dream, He now installs it resets before it even shows the colourful orbs screen and just restarts,WTF is what i exclaimed, :whistle: Oh the "windows is Legit we don't support piracy"

His system Specs:

Intel Pentium D CPU - 3.0 GHz
2 GB DDR2 RAM 800 MHz
P4M900 M7 SE Motherboard
160 GB IDE Hard drive
450 watt PSU Standard
Nvidia 9500GT DDR2 1024GB
20 Inch. Samsung B2030 LCD Monitor
Standard Keyboard and mouse.

Now XP works perfectly no issues but whenever he tries to install windows 7 ultimate 32 bit reboots, We have updated the bios pulled out the graphics card, PSU still good condition.

Could it be that the BIO's or OS doesn't support a specific piece of hardware?
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  1. Ok to further my thoughts on the cause of the problem i can say through some research that it may be the screen resolution at startup
  2. Any OC done, or anything messed with the voltage settings?
  3. I would run MEMTEST overnight 7 uses more RAM then XP.
  4. Ok guys this is the reason why i don't buy push pin fans for a CPU, Last night i said ok cool lets check everything so we took the whole box apart only to find that the CPU fan's pins weren't pushed in properly, So my take of it all is that with windows 7 it requires slightly more CPU usage hence it heats up so at a certain temp it would crash his system, End result pushed pins in properly and blew the dust away now working like it never had a problem
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