Hard Drive question for Adobe CS4 setup

Hello all, first time post here....

I use Adobe Premiere (compressed HD editing), After Effects, and Cinema 4D.
Im upgrading my system (building a new one) with: i7 920, Nvidia 275, 6gb 1600 RAM, and here is my proposed hard drive config:

WD Velociraptor 150gb for OS, system files, apps.
WD Caviar Black 500gb for Adobes page file and media cache
2xWD Caviar Black 1TB setup in RAID 1 for media storage

Couple of questions:
Is my page file/media cache drive (WD 500gb) good enough, or should I make that one a Velociraptor as well?
Is it possible to setup 2 Velociraptors in RAID 0 and run my OS/apps/page files/AND media cache together??
Im thinking it may be faster to just keep the boot drive and media cache drive seperate.

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  1. Well, a good SSD would make for a faster boot drive. As for the Adobe Scratch Drive, a good, fast, reliable hard drive is best. Two Raptors in RAID 0 would be best for the apps, media, and page files.
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