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I just bought and installed a silverstone 500w power supply in order to run better graphic card. I know the brand is not superb..
My power supply is mounted on top with the fan facing down...
Just wish to know do any of you guys know the risk of replacing it?? Albeit not personal safety..
BTW what will actually happen if the PSU either overheat or overload?? will it spoil my whole PC or only the PSU??
I simply cannot afford to take risk on my pc..Rather waste the $$ and left the psu to dust than let my PC dies..
Thanks a lot. Any info is appreciated...
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  1. SilverStone not superb???? Silverstone PSU's are solid power supplies and are very stable units, that fan pointing down in your case is sucking air out of your case not blowing in you should not have a problem with overheating unless your case already has no ventilation but in that case it wont be the PSU's fault it will be a lack of airflow problem. IDK where you read SiverStone isn't good?
  2. Btw I just trying to be modest. As I am not aware of PSU thingy and brand till I realise that a high watt PSU is needed to run nowadays GPU.... I am a Chinese from southeast asia(pardon my english then) but somehow the 'Made in China" can freak some out. Meanwhile contradicting enough, I know most products are made from there.
    From what you said, I can assume my PC has no problem in ventilation. There are holes on both sides and the rear of the case.
    So do u have any idea what will happen if the psu got overload?? Will it cause my pc to die??
    Thanks a lot..
  3. A properly functioning, high quality PSU, when overloaded, will simply non-destructively shut itself down.

    It is not the "Made in China" that tends to freak people out. It's the "Made in China" 500 or 600 watt PSU that sells for $20 that freaks people out.
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