Which one for i5-3570k ?

Which one has the best price/quality . I can tell i'm not a big overclocker myself . I won't push it 4.3+ ghz until i learn to overclock correctly . The question is if the noctua is too good for a novice overclocker. :\

Noctua Nh-D14:

NzXt HAVIK 140
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  1. NzXt HAVIK 140 is cheaper, and it's easy to install and for your needs it will do just fine, get that one.
  2. ok thanks , any other opinions ?
  3. Hyper 212+. Cheap and very effective. The noctua D14 isn't all that much better at twice the cost as well. A Hyper212 can be had for ~$30 as the Noctua is ~$80 and only achieves a little more performance. And not to mention just how big that D14 is; it's like having three of the 212's side by side.

    The hyper212+ paired with two Silverstone FM121 fans in my system can keep the processor to 63C max temp at 4.4Ghz with 1.25v on my Sandy Bridge 2600k. Your Ivy bridge will be a little hotter; but the 212 will more than handle a "small" overclock.

    I say pick up the Hyper212 if you can and if you need better cooling later on either go to water or pick up the D14 or better.
  4. Steddora is right get a hyper 212+
  5. If it's under $80 USD, you buy the Hyper212, if it's over that budget you get the D14 or better... OR WATER COOLING! :)
  6. i hope you don't mean the h100i , thats not real watercooling :D . How much does a basic watercooling setup costs ( only CPU ) ?
  7. Nope, closed loops aren't real water cooling. I think they are pretty much a marketing gimmick. Real water cooling consists of actually building the loop and automatically initiates you into the world of case modding.

    Price an XSPC RX240 kit and there's an "entry" level loop. :)
  8. I think most watercooling kits would fit the haf x ?
  9. It's curious people are recommending a hyper 212 evo over the Nzxt havik 140 when the nzxt is by far a better cooler, it's way more easy to install, it's 100 times more quiet, you don't have problems with memory clearance, and it's performance is as the same as the noctua NH-D14, and those two have better temps than the hyper 212 evo.
    I recommend if going with an aircooler the Nzxt havik 140.
    Watercooling kits that's another story.

  10. That overclock3d review is horrible my friend. The Hyper212 is better than most in the first graphs simply due to the direct heatpipe contact. The Noctua is a bit better than a Hyper212, especially with the stock fan on the 212. However, pair it with a pair of decent fans and it can be quiet, very good performance, and still cheaper than the D14 and yes, still cheaper than the $65 Havik.

    Let's do a run down real fast.

    Noctua is simple, slap it together with the TIM and you're getting some of the debatable best air cooling on the market. Though you've just spent $80 on an air cooler that just can't be upgraded to do to better.

    The Havik, same as the Noctua as for install, however you still paid $65 for something that just can't be upgraded for better.

    The 212 can be had for about $20 on Newegg, a little bit more attention paid to mounting with the thermal paste, and paired with two decent fans for $20 and you spent $40 for something that can't be upgraded for better.

    Now you "can" upgrade these for better units, but the differences in temperature aren't going to get you far at all, especially for $25 and especially for $40 more dollars. The Havik, like the Noctua and that kickin` Thermaltake model out there are excellent coolers. But for their price compared to what a 212 can do? They aren't worth it. I'd spend another $80 on top of the cost of the Noctua and invest into water cooling before I jumped from something like the Hyper 212 to a D14.

    Most reviews you'll read; they don't take the time to make certain the heatpipes and aluminum block gaps are filled with TIM, and 99% of the time they only use the stock el-cheapo fan. which is worse on the Hyper 212 plus (77CFM) than it is on the Evo(83CFM).

    "Which one has the best price/quality." Hyper 212 every time for price on an air cooler.

    Price to Performance, Hyper 212 is going to win every time.
  11. It's $34.99 + fans ~20$, stays the same price as the nzxt, hyper 212 are good budget ones, but not as good as the nzxt, the nzxt doesn't need to change the fan, it's quiet and performs well, even with fans changes, the nzxt is a better one quiet/performance and it's easier to mount.
    The cooler master hyper 212 evo is overrated.
  12. I bought my Plus for $14.99 on black friday.


    $20 after the rebate which makes it even better. :)
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