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Can't seem to find a 2.5 harddrive bracket for laptops

I can't seem to find a 2.5" bracket for my laptop anywhere, could someone point me to one?
The one I'm looking for needs to fit the second slot of an ASUS G60Vx
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  1. Would that not be an ASUS generic since 2.5" is standard laptop drive size?
  2. Well, I've already made searches on amazon, newegg and microcenter, and then google lastly. All that came up was 2.5 to 3.5 adapters. Unless I'm reading them wrong?
  3. You sure it does not fit as is being a second HDD bay for a laptop drive (2.5")?
  4. I mean, the hard drive does fit quite nicely, but I'd rather make sure it's secure. I keep the bottom of the laptop open cooled by a cooling pad to avoid another BSOD due to overheating during gaming. Also the bottom cover is just one entire cover, not separate covers for specific parts.
  5. My suspicion is what you are looking for does not exist and the bottom is what is supposed to keep it secure.
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  7. 4745454b said:

    Thank you! Now I just need to find screws...
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  9. Your welcome.

    Always check ebay for specialty parts for laptops. It's usually the best/only source.
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