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OK, I am having a real big issue with the ati overdrive. When I 1st installed the card on Vista 32 bit (HD4870 graphics card) and updated the ccc (via. diamond multimedia drivers) everything worked great, even overdrive worked. In fact I had to mess with the settings because I was getting bad screen issues, and to make a long story short. I had returned the card to diamond to get fixed. They said it needed the bios to be flashed or reinstalled (they said it got corrupted). Also, while they had the card I went out and got win7 64 bit. After I got the card back and installed back in computer, everything seemed fine (at first), until I started playing WoW with it and noticed the problems I had before were still there just not as bad. So I thought well it worked before, I would just go back to overdrive and reduce the overdrive settings (which is what I did before I sent to diamond for repair).

Only to find out that the overdrive in ccc does not display. And what I mean by that is I can go to ati overdrive from the drop down menu, but it says "ATI Overdrive capabilities have not been properly initialized yet. please try again later"
The window flickers like is trying to initialize but can't.

I have installed the latest drivers and reinstalled them, even went back to older drivers that I knew worked (but not on win7).
I can not find anywhere, anyone on the web that is having a similar problem and how it is resolved, in detail. I am not stupid but need more details on how to edit what I read somewhere the command lines to input, they just didn't explain where to do this?
And maybe that isn't the issue!?!

I am at a lost, Please HELP!

Thank You
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  1. Have you tried uninstalling the all the software, including all ATI Catalyst programs? The default setting on ur card should activate without overdrive. then reinstall with original software....hope it works!
  2. What you discribed sounds like it's not finishing the installation. That's how it behaves before you reboot your system.

    I'd try to reinstall the drivers, and try using the ones from ATi, and not from diamond.
  3. Thank you for the speedy replies.. I have uninstalled every component, including the drivers, same results. I will try to reinstall the drivers again and see if that helps. I will keep you up to date.
  4. Well I reinstalled everything and waited for everything to be finished before I restarted comp. Same results :(
    This is very frustrating, to say the least.

    Any other ideas would be greatly appriciated.....
  5. You could try using the card in another pc and see what happens. If all failes, I guess you could return it again.
  6. tomvertommen: :( I would, but that is not an option :(
    And returning it: :( It took Diamond 3 months to get their sh** together just to return it the 1st time. And going without it sucks. I do have onboard graphics but it really sucks for gaming.
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    Could you download GPU-Z and check the Bus interface to make sure you are running at x16? I've had similar issues when a card didn't seat quite right, resulting in x1 or x4 speeds.
  8. bystander said:
    Could you download GPU-Z and check the Bus interface to make sure you are running at x16? I've had similar issues when a card didn't seat quite right, resulting in x1 or x4 speeds.

    OK. Someone to suggest a test, Thank You!
    I downloaded and it shows I am running at X16 v2.0. But now I see I am running hot at idle (at least I think its hot). GPU temp 66c, fan speed 32%, load 0%, what confuses me is it says it is running at 500mhz core and 1100mhz mem. clock. when ati overdrive worked I believe that was lower (according to ati ccc).

    What I was wondering if there is a 3rd party program to control overclocking and fan of graphics card?
  9. maybe Atitool...I remember to have used it long time ago for gpu overclocking and fan control.
  10. tomvertommen said:
    maybe Atitool...I remember to have used it long time ago for gpu overclocking and fan control.

    :D I found that and downloaded it. Works great IMO! edit: no it doesn't work with uac on :( and I would rather keep uac on (at min level. but on none the less)
    It benchmarked the GPU at 23483. Is that good? lol, that is where I get lost on these things. I did have to "turn down" the GPU freq. and mem. clock. Oh, and how long do you need to run the artifacts test? I can get it to go for 60+secs w/ no artifacts. Is that good?

    OH!! And do I need to uninstall the ati control panel now???? Will there be any conflicts between that and the atitool?
  11. Happy to hear it works for you. I am sorry though, I haven't used it for a long time...for more info on how to use it, maybe someone else here knows it better. It's also possible the AtiTool site has some documentation.

    Good luck with it.
  12. NP. Thanks for all the info tho. This is a very helpful site. Keep up the good work :)

    And I can't really decide on "the best answer", all are good answers.
    Thanks again
  13. Update: The ATI Tool Tray is working just fine. The only problem (not really a problem, just a pain) is I have to start the program every time I start the comp. :/ . The biggest thing I noticed is the default settings on the card is 500/1100. As soon as I start ATI tools it goes to the settings I set, which is 795/1000 (works great at those settings). As I am not wanting to push it to the max, just have really good graphics. I probably could go higher and not have to worry about it overheating to much, I first need to upgrade my processor. Over all I am very happy with it and appreciate the help of the people on here :) Keep up the good work!!!
    Thanks again.
  14. A little tip; you can start up any program you want with windows by putting its exe or a shortcut to it in your startup folder.
  15. Ummmm...
    OK! Can you tell me how? LOL.. Not to sound dumb, but can you give me the file path and does that work with Win7 UAC turned on. I ask because on the ati tools forums others can not get it to work with the UAC turned on??
  16. You seem to be right...UAC can be a problem with it...It's all explained here.

    P.S.: Google is your buddy.
  17. LOL!!! Google is not my buddy :/ I have real big issue when it comes to surfing the web. My buddy finds things with NO problems, but me?!? Well lets just say, it's sad :S

    But Thank You for the link, that explained it to me and now it works like a charm ;)
    If any one else has a problem getting a program to start at windows start just go to compatibility of that program and set it to Vista or XP mode.
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