Gigabyte Ga P55M UD2

Corsair 4GB DDR3 1600MHz C9 Titanium is It Compatible with Gigabyte Ga P55M UD2 motherboard, I downloaded the brochure from its web and the name of the corsair ram is not mentioned in its list,please reply .
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    It should be if it's a 2x2GB DDR3 kit then it should, just because it's not on the qualified vendor's list doesn't mean it's not compatible.
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  3. You also should be looking for RAM that runs at 1.65V or LESS.

    Since that RAM is tested at 1600MHz at 1.7V - 1.9V it is not recommended for your board. Unless you plan on running it at 1333 MHz. Note - with an i5 or an i3 CPU you cannot run faster than 1333 MHz without OCing you CPU or making other trade offs.
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