Are Vapor-x cards overclocked

Specifically, Is the vapor-x Sapphire Radeon 5770 stock overclocked?

Or is it just a fancy cooler? and is it worth the extra 10 clams??
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  1. Vapor-X is not just a fancy cooler , is a custom cooling sistem based on vapors. Because of that you can overclock those cards more than teh cards with brand cooling system. And yes vapor-x have a litlle overclock from factory.
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    well it depends on the card.

    MOST vapor-x cards are not factory overclocked actually. but the vapor-x cooling system is probably the best on the market, and definitely worth the extra cost if you plan on overclocking.

    i believe the 5770 vapor-x is not factory overclocked, but the cooler will allow you to overclock it while still maintaining very low temps.
  3. Vapor-X = Sapphire proprietary cooling system

    Allows for better cooling and slightly lower noise.

    Some versions are OC'ed like "Atomic" or "Toxic", others are not OC'ed.
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  5. thanks guys
  6. no problem :)
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