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  1. Welcome leetan_22! =)
    Now something that is always asked: Did you check the power cabled were properly plugged into your monitor? :lol:

    Anywho, firstly why the caps? feels like your yelling mate =P
    Now, what symptoms is your system showing? Any beeps or lights? Are the fans turning on but no video feed?

    Also please list your specs - the more the better - helps narrow issue down sometime =)
  2. Generally, the best place to start your troubleshooting is the sticky for no boot/no display problems. Check out the link in my signature. Be sure to work through every applicable step, don't skip.

    Also you could try breadboarding (building the computer w/o a case). Follow the guide put together by jsc; the link to the breadboarding guide is at the end of the troubleshooting guide.

    good luck.
  3. Ugh good topic. Yelling your problem without the slightest bit of helpful information just makes people look at you funny. Do you really expect to get a solution like this?

    Actually I might have one... take out a hammer, and bash everything inside your PC case. It might work! That, or it will never work again...
  4. +1 for Wolfram23 intel we get more info and if you added new card and had onboard vid check bios??????????????
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