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I am currently running a Gigabyte GTX260 and Windows 7.

I have an LG W2053TQ and have it connected through the DVI ports.

When I turn on my computer, sometimes my GTX260 switches the video out to another port, either the HDMI port or the VGA port.

After resetting the computer once or twice, it finally figures out to send video out the DVI port.

Its starting to really frustrate me, and I really need help.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.
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  1. are you sure your card is outputting to another port? this seems very odd, i would imagine it more likely that its simply failing to output at all, or perhaps the monitor is just failing to take notice and switch itself on.

    try switching the monitor off and back on, manually. if when it switches back on you have the image, you know its the monitor.
  2. Nah, its not the monitor cause this is a new monitor and I've tried turning it on and off and that hasn't solver it.

    Could be just the fact that it's not outputting at all, and when I change ports it start, but how do you fix that if it is?
  3. thre first thing is to make sure you are running the most recent drivers for the video card.

    if you are, re-seat it so you know its sitting correctly in the system, and that the power cables are connected correctly.

    id also recommend connecting another DVI cable if you have one, just in case the cable is faulty.

    im unsure what the cause of the problem may be, but if you go through those basics first we may just get lucky.
  4. I reinstalled the driver that it came with on the disc, than reinstalled the latest NVIDIA driver.

    I took it out of its seating, made sure there was no damages to its connectors.

    Reconnected the power supply and switched DVI cables.

    Still same thing
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