Two IDE drives One SATA drive Gigabyte motherboard

I am trying to connect two IDE drives to my new Gigabyte board for use as storage. I have one SATA drive that I use for my OS, when ever I boot up windows will recognize one IDE drive or the other but never both IDE drives with my SATA. I am plugged into SATA ports using IDE to SATA converters. I am at a loss. Is this just something that is not possible or do I not have the drives plugged into the right SATA port? or is it my settings in BIOS?

Please help

Gigabyte 970A-UD3 revision 1.0

Corsair 32GB total 16000 htz

AMD Phenom II 1090T
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  1. sata with os goes first plug no 1 then the other drive should have each one is own sata converter
  2. SATA with OS went into 1

    IDE one went into 0
    IDE two went into 2

    now wont boot.

    Nope :(
  3. sata o must be the os chancec onnector from 1 to 0
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