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I have a little question about the HD 5850, I have the a Cooler Master eXtream Power Plus RS500, it's a 500 Watts PSU, will it be enough for the SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 5870 ?
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  1. Yea itll be fine, just make sure your case it big enough though XD
  2. it's big :)

    thank you very much ^^
  3. not so sure about that :S.

    i had the same brand PSU, though the 650w version. it failed to supply my 4890, and i had to replace it. turned out to be a pretty awful PSU tbh.
  4. +1 the Coolermaster EPP's are over rated, rule of thumb is to subtract 100W to compare with a quality unit such as from Antec or Corsair.

    My EPP550 just managed to power my 4850 and ran with the fan on all of the time indicating that it was running hot to feed the card at idle at. It had no hope running my 4890 but these are a ridiculously power hungry card.

    These are rebranded power supplies and I think that they vary in origin across the range so try to find a review of your exact model with testing of the max load.

    Also the 58xx series will consume less power than the 48xx but I would expect even a quality 500W to struggle.
  5. Average 3D load of a 5850 is about 9 amps peaking at around 12 amps.

    A good 400 watt PSU such as the Corsair 400CX will work in a basic system:
    Corsair 400CX (30 amp 12 volt rail)

    My choice for anything better than a minimal video card is the 550VX:
    Corsair 550VX (41 amp 12 volt rail)
  6. damn it, now i have to buy i new PSU for the GPU, i have 9800 GT, it's working fine !

    but i ant to upgrade, so i think i'll buy a Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus 650, it's enough, i think !
  7. if you are going to upgrade, get a corsair PSU.

    trust me, you will not regret it.
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