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I currently have a CM Haf XM loaded with:
-One front intake 200mm CM Megaflow
-One side intake 200mm CM Megaflow
-Two top exhaust 200mm CM Megaflow
-One top rear corner exhaust 140mm CM fan.
-Push/Pull dual 120mm CM Blade Master's on my Hyper 212+

My question, I can mount a 120mm fan onto the back of my HD tray to be aimed directly at my GPU which I want. I tried the 120mm CM Turbine Master Mach 1.8 and its WAY to loud for me. My case is pretty dang quiet and when I first turned it on with that turbine installed it lasted about 10 minutes before the buzz got crazy annoying. I ripped it out and repackaged for a refund. I am looking for something around the same noise level as the rest of my PC but good airflow to push directly over my GPU. I do like my dual 120mm blade masters on my CPU heatsink but they are PWM and I'm looking for something I don't have to monitor or worry about. My PC has NO overheating issues at all I just feel the need to slap that last fan socket with something to keep my GPU a few degrees cooler when I do plan to OC. I was looking at the CM Sickleflow but I just sent back a 1800RPM jet loud fan and looking at a 2000RPM replacement seems very silly to me. However, they are rated at 19dba, same as my megaflows, which after some googling seems VERY off, more around 25dba and I just sent back the 30dba turbine so dont really think its the fan for me.

I have little experience with case fans, have just been picking all CM parts cause they are priced well and snap right into my case. It is absolutely amazing how many different types of fans there are and it can get confusing and there seem to be so many good choices on paper. If you can find me a nice Non-CM fan that is quiet yet can move some air consistently without any annoying buzzes I am willing to give it a shot. I am having no issues with airflow or heat but a little boost for my GPU would be nice without hearing any/much more noise than I currently am, which is what I would consider very quiet.

Important factor is noise level, I want to keep my tower around the same noise level it is now.
I do NOT want to pay more than about $15 for a fan.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated and considered when its time for me to buy,

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  1. Try this, I have a couple in my HAF 932 case:


    If you're looking to stick with Cooler Master products (and don't mind sacrificing quietness for money), try this:


    They are both fairly quiet, but I personally recommend the first one. You pay more, but CM fans (in my experience) tend to have shorter lifespans.

    P.S. You don't HAVE to monitor PWM fans--most motherboards will have a way to keep fans spinning at a constant rate in their BIOS.
  2. Noctua , move lots of air and quiet , but more than 15.00 , quality+quiet costs $$
  3. NZXT has some neat fans.
    You should check out the FX 120 and the FZ 120.

    You could also check out Scythe Gentle Typhoon though I think NZXT has a better airflow to noise ratio.
  4. I actually picked up : http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835553002
    I am very impressed with this! It is dead quiet up to about 75% and helped cool my GPU quite a bit. Main reason I wanted this was to crank up this fan rather than listen to the tiny GPU fans whining. I can now game easily on my OC'd gpu with temps of 60+ degrees without the GPU fans being like 80% to keep it cool! Very glad with this buy.
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