SLI on P6x58D mobo?


Im having a hard time deciding if whether i should go for a gtx 460 sli or gtx 480. My main concern is i have a p6x58d-e mobo, and from the reviews, its not that good for sli (for slots 1 and 2). The third slot is not accessible since my psu is limiting the spce to just 1 pcie slot.

Currently leaning for the gtx460, however, i think i might have some troubles with the spacing. Also planning on having the gtcx460 cyclone, since its the coolest of them all from what i've read. Although the gtx480 is hotter, but i guess it will have no problems with spacing and with any dual-gpu related issues.

Sorry if its on the wrong category, not sure if this is for the mobo category or graphics card. >.<

Need some advise.

OT: I've read somewhere also that gtx480 has better minimum fps than sli gtx460, especially on heavy graphics situations in games, is this a reliable claim? thanks!
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  1. 1) The motherboard is acceptable for a dual card setup. It is pretty standard to have the two cards next to each other on the motherboard, so I won't worry to much about it.

    2) Here is a decent review of the two cards...

    3) I would go with the GTX 460 SLI setup for the savings and use the savings to upgrade another component (SSD??).

    4) I'm not sure on the better minimum FPS with the GTX 480 being true or not. When I look at most reviews between the two cards it just shows one number.
  2. Thanks for the reply sir. I see, i was having some thought about sitting them next to each other as some claims they have had 10C more on the top card. I though it would be bad for my air cooled system.

    Yes, from the things ive seen on the benchmark reviews, the sli config really is superior to the single gtx 480 and with assurance bout the two gtx 460 seated next to each other, im leaning to go that way. Thing is, i already have 1 gtx460, and thinking bout what upgrade im gonna do. :)

    Any other else having with gtx460 sli seated next to each other with this mobo?
  3. I have two GTX 260's seat next to each other and just had to make a minor fan on the cards adjustment to achieve similar or better cooling. Using EVGA's Precision tool, I took the fan off auto (40%) and set each to like 65% and the cooling was good. It is an easy step and has it's benefits :) Downside is a little louder fan noise bit with an Antec 1200... Who cares about fan noise :)
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