Need help building one

mainly going to build this for my older brother,he needs it for basic web surfing,music,starcraft1 +sc2 and warcraft3 thats it.his budget is probably about $300,microcenter and frys is about 2 hours from us but we travel there very often.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED - keyboard,mouse,monitor,windows xp,dvd drive
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  1. hmm i just saw this on criagslist,the guy is asking $200 for this package,u guys think this one's good?

    It's a Asus P5QPL-AM with the Intel G41 Express chipset.
    60 bucks from NewEgg plus tax and 2.99 shipping

    Next, the Processor.
    Intel Pentium E6300 Wolfdale 2.8GHz 2MB L2 Cache LGA 1066 FSB 775 65W Dual-Core Processor - Retail

    Viotek 550 watt power supply

    80 gig Seagate Sata 2 hard drive, 7200 rpm

    also included are 2 - 1GB sticks of OCZ DDR2 Ram

    it's a Lite On Sata Combo drive 16x DVD/CDRW

    Best of all, is that this system is upgradable.
    It's got a PCI-E 2.0 slot, and it can take up to 8 gigs of ram and 4 Sata drives.
    It's overclockable, Asus makes some of the best boards out there, and the e6300 pentium is a beast.
  2. Are you buying this whole system (unit) new ??? Any old parts going in?

    Have you added it all up ? What was the total ?

    = Alvin =
  3. yea its going to be new,the PARTS NOT REQUIRED list i already have those items
  4. Ok ... In your 1st Post, you said you are building this for your bro.

    So, this guy is selling you parts ? On CragsList ? And you are prepared to give him $200 ?

    Hmmm . Well, An ATOM/ION would start at around $330, and he's gonna need more than that.

    I really do not feel comfortable approving what you propose. Sorry, cause you "sound" kinda jazzed but, I would not pour money into an obsolete pile of parts from a guy who is operating out of Craig's.

    It prolly would outrun an ATOM, but you are looking at Intel's onboard (integrated) graphics ... ? Not so great.

    I would honestly drool and dream and get a paper route and dream some more ... When you have $550, come back and I will help you build something a bit zippier and more future looking (something that won't be junk in a year).

    I am just one dude and that is just my opinion. Others may tell you what you were hoping to hear.

    Ever notice how the best part about Cristmas is making out your list a dozen different times and poring thru the catalogs ... and ... ah, yes, ... dreaming.

    I'll let others "help" you, now ... Good luck! OK?

    = Alvin = (shudder) I recommend a Socket 1156 motherboard ... Minimum ... from someplace like newegg or tiger.
  5. The G41 and anything LGA 775 is older tech, but still does function fine. I'm not sure I'd trust someone on Craigslist with parts, especially the Power Supply.

    If you want a socket that is still current, you could check out your options with AMD - the AM3 socket is pretty solid. I bet we could keep you under that price point with integrated graphics for now, but your could certainly upgrade.

    Yes, with $500 or more, you could get a much beefier computer, but for what you are hoping to do, you might be able to start out respectable and leave room for improvement - most games utilize the graphics card anyway.

    Something like Athlon II x2 or x4 or even Phenom II x2 would be doable with something like a 785g motherboard for the time being. When you save up some more cash, you could easily put in a graphics card.

    I'd get 2-4GB of RAM, a decent hard drive, and go from there. If you don't need and OS, I think you could stay below that budget.
  6. Folks in your (yer bro's) position usually end up going for an AM3 socket and a 2.6MHz Triple-Core ... maybe a 5700 series Display Card and 4GB .

    The SpinPoint HDDs are good and cheap and 1 drive will "doo yah".

    You can probably scrounge a display outta someone's garage (with permission).

    You are getting good advice, here. If it takes 'till Christmas to scrape the dough together, it will be worth it.

    I am waiting 'till summer, to do my build. That is one reason I am here, dreaming and drooling and poring through the catalogs, so Santy-Claws knows just what I want.

    = Al =

    It's Christmas in July !
  7. why summer,is that when computer parts are low prices?
  8. Well,, I don't have any crystal ball but I do have a rear-view mirror ...

    ... It's just that lot's of the new toys will be out this spring, and that stuff takes time to settle at a fair street wholesale price, in the channel and, also, because school and business demand is way down, in summer so, I actually prefer mid August and order around Labor Day when specials are luring those returning from summer vacations ... By Halloween, the fiscal business cycle will be in full swing and all the notebook batches will have been pillaged by students.

    It is gonna be a great year for PCs! ... Pent up demand vs. Serious new OS and platforms.

    I want to get in at just the right spot ... It'll be between July and Halloween.
    I am also waiting for new "Pro" camcorders $3K-$5K to be released and to float down to street pricing.

    Just lot's of stuff, like that. I also want SSDs to come down a bit ... SATA3 devices to ramp a bit .. USB3.0 to become ubiquitous ... And I want to allow a few months for all this new stuff (even Win7) to get stable, debugged and smoothed out.

    I'll watch others pay a bit too much and stay busy updating drivers, while I watch and wait (if I don't die first, of course) ... Ya gotta bite the bullet and buy SOME time ... I'm just glad my P4(3.2c) is still chuggin along. I would not like to be forced to buy, just yet.

    All that said, now IS a good time because (at least) we have Win7, the "Core i"s the Sockets AM3 & 1156 & 1366 (all great) and SSDs !!! What's not to like!

    If you want to hold off on a second drive so you can get a larger SSD, that might be a smart move, right now .... Conversely, system MEMORY is going to get more and more expensive, till Summer 2011, so buy extra RAM right now (I am sure thinking about ordering ram, in advance.

    Finally, for my sake, lets not forget Gulftown ( 6-core Socket 1366 ) ... Due out any month, now. Depending on price, I may go Gulftown, but if 920s get dirt cheap (after Gulftown's arrival) then I may be tempted to cheap out and "limp" on 4 cores until an 8 core is released.

    = sum thots =
  9. ok after reading a bit on these forums i decided to put parts together copying ideas of others on here.

    case- antec 300----$55

    CPU/Mobo: X3 425 and Gigabyte GA-790XTA-UD4 $185 after rebate

    RAM: G.Skill 2 x 1GB 1066 mhz CAS Latency 7 $65

    HDD: Seagate 7200.12 500 GB $55



    what would be recommended for gpu and psu for this system? i'm planning on installing windows xp,i read in forums that people have problems playing sc1 and warcraft3 with windows i said its mainly for browsing,music,starcraft1+2 and warcraft brother doesnt do any gaming at all except those games i mentioned,if i have a fry's or a microcenter near by, which parts should i purchase in each store or which should i order online? trying to save as much money as possible
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  11. thanks for helping out alvin,i actually copied madadirmal's post in htcp gaming budget,well he said 620 is a good processor,i went into fry's and saw it for $59,now i want to build my bro's system around that 620,also the antec 300 case looks huge,any ideas for a good microatx board and small computer case?
  12. just thot you'd like to see this ... I think it looks great (inside and out)
  13. Great Bang for the Buck
    Reviewed By: pf2007 on 2/15/2010 Tech Level: high - Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
    Pros: Great machine for the money: Triple Core, Windows 7, HDMI, ample memory all in a very sleek and small form factor. Blue lighting on the top and side (power button area) is tasteful, not gaudy and over done. 9200 Graphics handled 1080p video without a hiccup. Scored a 4.3 in gaming graphics on the windows experience index, by far the weakest point, tho all other factors were over 5. Got this knowing gaming would be the last thing I'd use it for and 1080p movies played flawlessly as stated before so its not a big deal. Keyboard has a nice feel, feels like a cross between a traditional desktop board and a laptop keyboard.
    Cons: The volume wheel on the keyboards upper right corner is tough to turn and essentially useless. Not enough to dock an egg tho.
    Other Thoughts: Great machine, quiet and small, lots of USB ports, card reader and HDMI. I was piecing together parts to build one with these same specs and just a few days before I ordered the parts, this came out for $20 less then the parts I had picked out (which had identical specs, but this is in a much better looking case).
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