First time water cooler, is this good?

Hello, I am thinking about building my first water cooling rig. I am thinking about getting a XSPC EX240 rad, XSPC Raystorm cpu block and a Danger Den CPX - Pro pump. I don't know whether this is a good build or not. I am considering Monsoon Free center compression fittings, and haven't decided on tubing. I will be putting this system in a Antec P280 case ( just saying in case it makes a difference) with an i5 3570k. I am looking at a budget of around 250$. I will be getting my parts at Microcenter (the one in Tustin). I would like you have your inputs and thoughts about this setup. Also, I'm wondering if water filtered my the revere osmosis process is any good for using in a loop. Another question: If I use UV dye or Primochill tubing, then do I have to get a biocide?
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  1. Danger Den is gone isn't it? Personally I try to stick with companies still around in case I need to replace/exchange things.
  2. The watercooling sticky will answer a lot of your questions but we are here for anything that isn't clear :)
    and DD has gone but there are still many reputable vendors of good W/c gear left,
    a few are also listed in the sticky for you to check out
  3. You will need to check the uv dye, most of the time it will come with some kind of bio noncorrosive. most of every one will recommenced a kill coil but I never do darn things always get caught in my loop. :) It never hurts to have extra just in case.

    also if you do use the uv dye try to use only use 25% of the directed amount.
  4. NO DYE's - distill+kill coil straight up!

    @ thequn - no offence but I really think you should reserve your views on dye's and stains until after you've cleaned out your loop with a toothbrush,vinegar and alot of elbow grease. Mixture concentration doesn't remove the effort of cleaning. As its a dye, it'll stain anything its in contact with - duh, its the same stuff used for dying clothes. If they were so easy to remove, don't you think, you're colored clothes would've turned out white after the first wash?

    you know how Haan says: "50% of something is better than a 100% of nothing" overkilling with anticorrosive agents will also kill your loops performance aka dropping flow rates, gunk up system and reduce loop efficiency =bad temps from a ~$300 setup. Everything else about overkilling in watercooling - well we can live with that :D eh modo?

    @ OP - like modo said, the info for what sort of liquid to use is in the sticky
  5. There is no overkill, just more headroom hehe :P
  6. ^ what he said :D
  7. What if I use a copper sulfate solution as a biocide?
    It would work if I don't put too much right? If I don't get the Danger Den pump, then what about the Phobya DC-12 260? Is that pump good enough for my needs? Or what if I dump the raystorm and pump for a swiftech apogee drive 2?
  8. are you reading the sticky and asking us a question? :sarcastic:
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