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Hello all and wanted to say this site really is great. I have a question about my hardrive if someone can help.
I have a Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 160gbytes external hard drive ultra ata. Model number st31600021a-p/n 9w2001

My sister knocked it off my desk and then after that it made a clicking noise and I cannot access the drive for the files. I had a computer tech come out and he took it out of the enclosure (plastic case) and he tried to get the files off of it but was not able to do so. He tried running it off another computer and it would not even recognize the drive, it would not do anything but make the clicking noise he stated that there is power but he did not have any recovery software with him to try to fix it.
I have called around and it can cost between 400 to 1k to try to get data off of it. The question I want to ask is: There are a million programs out there that say they can get data off of dead hard drives, does anyone know a good one to purchase? Before I spend 400 to 1k on sending it in the mail and seeing if some company can fix it, what is a good software that I can buy first and try? If it doesn't work then of course I will have no choice but to send it in. I have hundreds of pictures, pdf files and word documents I need to get off of the drive. Thank you for answering in advance. As stated it makes a clicking noise and the computer guy said if I could get some type of recovery software and plug the hard drive in I might get a few minutes off of it to recovery as much as possible.
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  1. Try the freezer method:

    1. Wrap it in some cloth and place it into a plastic bag.
    2. Place in your freezer for 30 mins - 3hours.
    3. Plug it into your PC and hope it works.
    4. If it works, START COPYING ASAP, it may stop spinning soon.
  2. Ahh so no software will help :( okay thank you all for the replies. I just figured I would try a cheaper alternative first :P. I will send it in then and see if I can get some if not all the documents off of it.
  3. the infamous click of death... there IS a reason they call it that you know.

    You can try to read stuff off it... keep in mind that clicking noise you hear, is usually from physical contact between components that arent meant to touch.

    Any extra damage you cause to this drive could make data recovery harder and more expensive =(
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