DVD/CD drive - can write can't read

I'm having a problem with my new DVD/CD writer/reader. When I put in a DVD/CD it starts spining then it stops and HDD LED lits up (no blinking). It doesn't read anything. But I can write with Nero - no problems.
I re-installed Windows, and the first DVD I put in worked, but then it stopped working (might have something to do with MagicISO). Tried to re-install Windows again - didn't work.
I also tried to remove Lower, Upper filter in regedit, but they aren't there.
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  1. Did you boot from it to reinstall Windows? If so, then the issue probably is a driver. Did you install MagicISO as soon as Windows was reinstalled?
  2. Yes, I installed Windows from it. No, I installed it later. I tried to use different SATA cable, different SATA port, nothing. The weird thing is that it works just fine on other computers.
  3. I presume that you also checked the power cable? Except for that unit, does a drive from another system work fine in yours? If so and if you can't swap it, just get a new one as they are rather inexpensive.
  4. I don't have another drive to check.
  5. Does it work right after you power up the system? There might be a heat issue with it. Unless you're fairly sure that the issue isn't with the drive, you should replace it.
  6. It may just be a faulty devise if you have a warrenty get a new one free and see if it works. Or what you could do is maybe go to friends house and see if it is your PC that is causeing the problem.
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