Video Problem

Never had a problem before during or after playing COD: Modern Warfare 2

I had this problem pop up before on another game "Left 4 Dead 2"

heres a shortcut to a video i have uploaded and a picture because i cant describe this thing

After i exit the game the phenomenom still appears.
i have a slideshow background on my desktop.
and the problem persists when the image fades from one to the other
here are links to the view i get

Has anyone experience or read about this before?
What is the most likely cause of it?

A fresh start of the pc gets rid of any problem. Play CoD no such similar issues arising

Specs are:

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit – Latest updates installed
Intel QX6800 @ 2.93GHz *stock*
Gigabyte EP45-DS4
4 x 1GB DDR2 800 RAM
Gigabyte GTX 260 Super Overclock GV-N26SO-896I – Driver Version

Monitor im using is the

If you need more info or i left anything out let me know
Thanks for your help
hope this is in the right section
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  1. maybe your graphics card is overheating? can you check the temperatures on load?
  2. Looks like your GPU is clocked to high.
    Manually drop your clocks to 576/1242/999Mhz and try your games again.
    If everything works fine now, contact Gigabyte regarding an RMA for your factory overclocked card.
  3. how would i drop the clocks manually?

    these are the results of running pass mark burn in test
  4. You can use Rivatuner to manually drop your clocks.
    It looks like an issue with the Core/Shader clock to me.
    While you are at it, use GPUz to post back your idle and load temps.

    Never heard of Burn in Test before.
    As you obviously have issues, I doubt I would trust their findings...
  5. seems kind of pointless to have a super over clocked gigabyte GC and have to clock it back down... should i return it?
    i used gpu z just to log gpu temps while i played gta this morning
    highest gpu temp was 71 degree celcius.
    average was 68 during play time.
    not sure is thats good or bad.
  6. Yes, that is kinda the point of this ;)
    If it works at stock or below we know it can not handle the factory overclocking.
    If that is the case, you should defiantly RMA it.
    If you still have errors no matter how low you clock it, we should test the rest of your hardware before blaming the GPU exclusively..
  7. what are normal operating temperatures?

    what are acceptable..
    and what isnt

    the guy where i brought my place said anything above 60 degrees celcius is too hot
    but that cant be right. can it?
  8. no that cant be right, anything over 85, then you can start worrying. my old 4870 overclocked ran closer to 90c at load lol but my new 5850 does run a little bit over 70c at load and it is overclocked too :) but theyre known for running cool.
  9. Nvidia Specifies a maximum 105°C for your GPU.
    In practice, I would try to keep it under 95°C max load.
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