Cannot overclock FX 8350 AT ALL

So I just sold my AMD A10-5800K and got the FX 8350. I had a nice overclocking going with my A10, and now I can't get anything out of the 8350. Even raising the multiplier up from 20 to 21 will get prime95 to give me an "Illegal Sumout" almost instantly. I can't even use the "OC Genie II" That came with the MSI Motherboard that I have! Did I get a bad chip? I have no idea what is going on. And here is my rig.

CPU - AMD FX-8350

Motherboard - MSI 990FXA-GD65V2

RAM - G. Skill Snipers 8gb 1600

650w Antec 25 (EA- 650 Green)

Cool Master Hyper 212 Evo CPU Cooler
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  1. Sir I think u have a bad chip but try and clear cmos and try again
  2. Is the bios up to date? How are your temps?
  3. Any other stress tests u can try? I read somewhere that prime95 can be weird with amd... also will u get that error if u do prime at stock? +1 for temps
  4. I've never had issues with prime95, but OCCT or LinX will work too.
  5. james you make any progress?
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