I have a intel core i72600k but its showing as a 2600 locked?

Hello, my recently purchased an intel core i7 2600k unlocked processor but with CPU-z and bios its showing as a 2600 locked. dont know why. could it be my board as its not a overclocking board? help please!
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  1. There are "some" 1155 boards that shipped with BIOS's that weren't "K" compatible. Basically even a 2600k would show up as a 2600. I'd check into that with your motherboards manufacturers page. There's more than likely an update for it.
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    Check that you have the latest motherboard BIOS release.
  3. What motherboard do you have?
  4. i have intel desktop dh67cl motherboard (not great). so should i get the new chipset z77 board do you think?
  5. That board probably has the original BIOS which didn't have support for the K-series 2600 at launch. If you update the Bios you should have it correctly listed. As for being able to overclock the processor with the multiplier; I'm not sure if that motherboard will allow it. Many of the intel boards don't allow any type of overclocking and I have seen a few that have had some ability. Intel's website doesn't show me much for that, so I don't know. However, upgrading that board isn't going to do a "lot" for performance as the only huge advantages of the Z77 boards is PCI Express 3.0. You have a Sandy bridge processor which eliminates that in the first place.

    If you're wanting to overclock though, I would highly suggest a nice Z77 board if you're buying a new one; but if you're not going to overclock and that motherboard doesn't allow you anyways; stick with it as it's a great stock clock board.
  6. Here's another link I found for you. This is the support page for the motherboard you have.


    Thought that might be helpful as well. Still haven't found out if it will overclock the K or not.
  7. many thanks. appreciate the help. although i pci express 3.0 could be useful for me as i have the new gtx 660 3.0 ready and i could use a new board for the ram speed as my board only allows 1333mhz and im running corsair 16gb 1600mhz memory.
  8. That card can't utilize PCIx 2.0 much less the bandwidth of 3.0. So no worry there. The difference between 1333mhz and 1600mhzl; negligible. If you're going to overclock that chip though; I would switch out. And if you're going to switch out, hit the Z77 up for sure and don't fall back to a P67 just to save a dollar or two. The Z77 is an Ivy Bridge chipset and matched with the Ivy Bridge processor provides that PCIx 3.0. However, paired with the Sandy Bridge like you have with the gear you have; it's not worth upgrading to an Ivy Bridge CPU. So I guess it depends on if you want to spend the money on a Z77 board just to have the ability to overclock. The increase in memory speed is just an added little bonus.
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