Faulty card for crossfire? and pci1?

hey all, im looking at buying a second 5770 and seen a few kicking about, found one that is faulty and the seller hasnt said what the fault is, just that the card fully powers up but there is no display output. How likely is it that i could use this as a second card for a crossfire rig? also its xfx so im thinking if i was to buy it and register it, maybe i'd get some support from xfx and perhaps even a replacement?
i seen alot of stuff on the net about using a graphics card in pci1 slot for added performance and someone even claimed they had a nvidia card in a crossfire rig dedicated to physx??????
right this is lies yes? i was under the impression that ati and nvidia didnt mix
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  1. ati in crossfire + nvidia as physx is possible with hacked drivers but its just wasted money imo. Dont go for the faulty 5770, why even try?? or maybe if you can borrow it and try it first before you buy but dont buy it first it may be a rip off :/ if your lucky it may just have a faulty dvi output and the card itself would work in crossfire :) BUT DONT BUY BEFORE YOU TRY :) and make sure your PSU can handle it, good luck :)
  2. psu is fine for it mate :) its a faulty one on ebay, thats why im thinking bout it, cuz its only 99p! obviously its gunna go for around £20, but with it being xfx, im hoping i can get it repaired maybe, xfx usually have a really good warranty, i know this cuz i have had 3 xfx cards die on me hahaha
  3. what if i could get a cheap nvidia card? just so happens i have a 8800gtx lying about! was gunna put it in another build but this sounds interestsing
  4. hmm, you really must decide yourself if you want to risk a little money :) it may work and it may not. and if your lucky maybe you can get a new one via warranty.

    i dont know much about adding a card for physx with ati cards and where you can find those drivers, you could search on google or maybe someone with more knowledge could help you here :)
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