PWM or not?Hunt for tha 4.7 ghz.

I am planning to buy a new exhaust fan to my case to replace the old shitty one.So,should i buy PWM or a normal fan?The fan would be a Scythe glide stream 120mm 1900 rpm pwm,or 2000 rpm non-pwm version.And the case is a CM silencio 450.I mainly need it to make my corator ds´s a bit more powerfull for getting my fx-6100 to 4.7 ghz and to get mymy graphics card to work abit cooler (660Ti at 1215 mhz,79 c when gaming.)So which one would fit better to me?
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  1. Case airflow isn't just "add a fan and go". For everything to see a bonus, make sure you have a strong intake system and a strong evacuation.
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