5750 crossfire or 5850?

5750 crossfire or 5850?
(about speed and power consumption)
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  1. 5850 is the obvious choice, less power consumption, roughly the same performance, No scaling issues, less heat.....

    Just make sure you have a 500W quality power supply or better. And that the rest of your system is fairly up to date.
  2. +1 5850
  3. +1000000^^Agreed :)
  4. +1 for 5850 indeed.

    you can always CF later if you need to
  5. +1 5850, by this time you know this right?
  6. I would wait for the 5830 and later on CF.

    If this is not an option then a single 5850 should be the best option...
  7. 5850...cheap and can run anything at 1920x1080 smoothly except for maybe crysis (coming from a sapphire 5850 owner)
  8. 5850 definately
    Sorry, been watching too many A-Team reruns on Sky :)
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