Everest CPU temps???

Hey guys I just built my i7 920 PC and downloaded Everest to find out more about my PC and came across the sensors section..

Which one is right?? My core temps seem pretty high but what does the CPU one mean?

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  1. Logically enough - the Core temps are the temperatures of the individual cores. It's normal for them to be a few degrees different. The CPU temp is the temp at an external sensor (at the heat spreader).
  2. Oh okay, so I should essentially be worried about my Core temps then?
  3. +1 what Scotteq said.

    Although your temps do seem a bit on the high side. Is this while idle or under load? Have you overclocked or are these at stock speeds?
  4. These are idle temps and my i7 is @ stock speeds with Speedstep and Turbo mode off.

    My heatsink is an Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev 2 and I am using Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound..

    I don't know though. They do seem high and I have seated the cooler properly and everything... Maybe it's the temps in my home because it is pretty hot here in New York now. (about 77f)..
  5. At those settings and with an aftermarket cooler you'd really be expecting those temps to be a bit lower than they are currently.

    Check the voltage (VCore) value of your CPU using CPU-Z. Compare this to the nominal value from the Intel website. There's no need to have it towards the upper extremity of the nominal range if you're not overclocking.

    Secondly, how did you apply the thermal paste? There are various techniques such as the line method and the 'blob in the middle' method but the basic idea is to have as thin a layer as possible.

    How is the general airflow throughout your case? This is a pretty good guide to the basics of case airflow:

  6. Hmm, thanks for the info.

    I have an Cooler Master Storm Sniper case so I definitely have good airflow with some decent cable management.

    Also, I applied the thermal paste using the vertical line method for i7s quads.

    I'm not good at understanding these voltages too much but here is what it says:

    Where would I go on Intel's website to see if everything is okay?

    Thanks for the help so far it's really appreciated!
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