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Is it stable to overclock with a software or with the nvidia control panel? i have looked at different forums on this issue, but cant find an answer. The reason why i want to use a overclocking software i because of the problems that have occur when overclocking. An exempel would be that the sound in cutscenes dont work as interned.

I dont want to restart my computer to reset the overclocking every time i want to play a game with story/cutscenes, but i would need the extra power in games like planetside 2. I would appreciate if someone could shed some light on this matter i BTW english is not my native language.

System spec:
Amd Phenom x6 1090t 3,2 ghz
Gigabyte 670
PSU 850w Corsair
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  1. You could overclock you CPU with a software yes, not using the NVIDIA Control Panel though, as that is for your graphics card. I would recommend, however, that you overclock your CPU in your motherboard BIOS. Feel free to ask questions if you need more help, also here is a video that may help, though you may not be familiar with all of the concepts: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OORlB3SWVM
  2. I have tried overclocking using the bios, and was able to get it to around 3,6 Ghz in my first test. But when i played saints row 3 the dialog was not muted and distorted, after that i went back to the original settings. I play a lot of story heavy games like witcher 2, mass effect and so on. But i would like to be able to planet side 2 with more then 20 fps in battles, restarting my computer every time i want to play a multiplayer or singelplayer game is a bit annoying.
    Maybe should wait until the game is more optimized towards AMD processors.
  3. I play my fair share of Planetside 2 and the game definitely isn't kind to AMD processors. You'd be better off just waiting until they have better support.
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