My laptop can see my desktop, but my desktop can't see my laptop

Hey all,

I made a topic yesterday asking on how to connect my new laptop to the Internet using the same wired router as the desktop. From your advice, I bought a switch and now both have internet!

Today I started experimenting with connecting the two PCs so I can share files between them.

After several attempts, I managed to make my laptop see my desktop. I should mention here that my laptop has Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit and my desktop has Windows XP Home. From my desktop I set some folders as shared and now they're all visible by my desktop. I even played some songs and such, it couldn't work better.

However, even though I have set some folders as shared in my laptop, they are nowhere to be seen by my desktop. Firewalls are all disabled and I have no idea what to do now or where to look for it.

What's funny is that when I pink my laptop from my desktop they communicate properly.

So, what do you think is happening?
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  1. Make sure you turn off firewalls.
  2. They are...I mentioned it in the post.
  3. Bump for help and new info.

    Somehow my Windows XP desktop has started seeing my Windows 7 laptop, but every time I try to connect, it asks for a password.

    I've never set any passwords...ever! And when I feel in the blanks, I either get an error asking me to contact the admin or I just get the same window asking for a user name and a password over and over again...

    What gives?
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