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Can the fan in the TX3 Evo be changed?

Im planning to get the Cooler Master TX3 Evo, i was just wondering if i could changed it's fan to a different fan (preferably the Deep Cool Ice Blade or Ennermax TB Duo). Is it possible?
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  1. It's replaceable but when you buy one, make sure it's 92mm PWM fan
  2. Great! Thanks for the quick answer.. Anyway, do you have any suggestions on what fan i should get to replace it?
  3. Would an 80mm fit on it? Or strictly 92mm only?
  4. archvince said:
    Would an 80mm fit on it? Or strictly 92mm only?

    it has to be 92mm strictly unless you want to do some mode and put some strings/rope/rubber band around it lol.. I'd recommend this one but only if your buying it and also this is one of the best for your kind of heatsink...
  5. I wanted to get one with LEDs on the fan.. Anyway, Arctic fans are very RARELY available here in the Philippines, and I can't buy online as well (since the shipping cost would almost double the price :P )

    Any other recommendations? Most available fan brands here are Deep Cool, Xigmatek, Thermaltake, Coolermaster, and Enermax
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    this is the fan use for the tx3 evo they dont have any 92mm with led
  7. That's why I never found one.. Thanks for the heads up sir scout03 :D
  8. your welcome
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