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New computer for the kids is all put together, but I've run into a huge problem. If it's been off for quite a while, I can power it on and BIOS will see both of my SATA drives (one a harddrive, the other a DVD reader.) Nearly all the time, if the system has to reboot for any reason it hangs after post telling me to insert a disk and press a key.

Checking BIOS, it doesn't see either of my SATA devices. The southbridge chip is HORRIBLY hot to the touch despite having a big heat sink on it, but that may be normal. It just seems that heat from being on is stopping BIOS from detecting drives at the next reboot. The system seems to run fine normally and works as expected as long as it's not rebooted. I'm trying to decide if this is definitely a defective motherboard or if there's some strange setting in BIOS or something else I may be overlooking.

-Jon (not a n00b.)
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  1. Unplug all sata drives including power plugs. Go to your BIOS and check the hardware monitor observe the temp, then if it is normal plug one of the sata drive and one of the power plug (turn the power off when connecting) then turn the power on and go to the BIOS then to the hardware monitor - If all is ok the southbridge chip should not be very hot if it is then suspect their is a short on the motherboard.
  2. The only temp sensors in BIOS are "CPU" which is solid at 30oC and the "motherboard" which started at 20oC and was at 35oC after being turned on for just a few minutes with all of the SATA devices being disconnected completely.

    Edit: Motherboard is just bad... I'll need to RMA it.
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