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Hello, firstly this is my first post so apologies if i'm not posting correctly.

I have an Easynote TJ71-RB-050UK running Windows 7, and all of a sudden the keyboard started to lag today. To be more specific, no matter where i would type the first letter would appear and then nothing for about 10secs, when the subsequent 5 or 6 letter i'd have typed would appear and no more. I discovered that if i clicked the mouse in the area i was typing, then what id typed would instantly appear - but again only 5/6 letters.

I restarted, and the problem has disappeared luckily. So its more a question of curiosity, and hopefully some understanding of how to stop it happening again! It literally just started happening so i have no idea of why, or indeed why it started working again.

Thanks in advance
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  1. I also have the same problem with my old compaq presario pc(athlon xp2000+1.67 GHz,128 MB 333 MHz ram...)

    To tell the truth,i haven't found a right solution.

    i have also experienced the same problem under these situations:
    When we start typing before a software gets loaded completely or when the processor is too busy with other jobs or when your ram is full because of large multitasking.

    I think the problem is that the software or the application did not get the attention from the processor at the time words were started typing,but the words typed by the user is stored temporarily in the buffer or some memory.And whenever the processor is ready to accept the input it reads out all the characters from the buffer at a single cycle and displays as a whole word typed instantly or many characters appear in a single stretch.

    i think the solution is that you can avoid those former situations. can either wait until the application is loaded completely or click the mouse in typing area.Then start typing.
    This problem does not come when i don't do multitasking or giving serious jobs for the processor.At such situations the application is loaded so fast that even typing early seems to have no problem.Also the problem does not persist all the time and occurs occasionally.

    Anyway if your problem repeats many times in a single session then try connecting other keyboards.So that you can understand whether the problem is for the keyboard.I would suggest that if your pc specs are low then wait until the application is loaded.
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