Sapphire 5850 strange display colours

I got a new Sapphire 5850, only 4 days old and you can see from the Screenshot below the screen goes wierd, usually in games, but this SS did this in windows! no games no nothing just did this randomly, its dont this about 4 times since this SS, also see CPU-Z and GPU-Z whats going on?
Also note that it has also done purple and pink colours also

if i restart the computer all is fine again
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  1. You're even using the 10.1 version of the driver. I would think that it's an unresolved driver issue, or a faulty card. Try bringing it in for warranty first.
  2. yeah i upgraded the driver to 10.1, it seems to only do it when the ATI driver stops responding, would a reinstall of windows solve this
  3. this is a known issue, and it is happening across all 5xxx cards on Win XP & Win 7, ATI has released a hot-fix and apparently they are still looking into it... Here's a link, hopefully it helps.
  4. I installed that hotfix but its done it once after this, it seems to do it when the Graphics driver stops responding.

    The windows 7 event viewer says:
    The atidgllk service failed to start due to the following error:
    The system cannot find the file specified.
  5. Did you have a previous version of the drivers installed to begin with?, If so, did you try to remove the drivers by removing them from the add/ramove programs, then booting up into safe mode, using driver sweeper to remove any remaining driver files, then re-installing the drivers?
  6. Ill try this and get back to you
  7. let us know.
  8. well i dunno if is fixed or not ill find out soon enough, but also CCC wont load at all now either
  9. even after you completely uninstalled the drivers and CCC, then re-installed CCC/drivers? I just did this yesterday and it worked fine for me.
  10. I uninstalled the catalyst drivers, and then screen went blank, then came with the OP image, then went blank again and was normal, so i suspect its the driver
  11. it seems to be fixed, i can almost guarantee (as other have said) the display issue with the radeon 5xxx series is actually a Microsoft Update Issue.
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