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Hi, I was wondering for educational purposes, which would be better; a Phenom II x6 1090T or a six-core Opteron?

I know that the Phenom listed above is comparable to an i7 930, but I don't know much about Opteron processors.

Also, would an Opteron be any good for gaming?
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    Opterons are server versions of Phenoms. They don't perform better than phenoms on the desktop if thats what your asking. They are better suited for 24/7 operation.
  2. They wouldn't be any better than Phenoms for gaming, + cost more.
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  4. Not better in terms of performance and definitely not better in terms of price. I have both Opteron and Phenom based systems and there is no significant difference when comparing similar desktop configs. Bottom line, for most applications, the Phenom based solution will be better. If you are building an actual server, then that is a different story. HOOAH!!!
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