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I can't find an option in the bios to choose a usb stick as boot device. Has othre usb devices - CD, HDD etc. Have tried all of these with the stick plugged in but nothing happens. Am I missing something?
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  1. restart computer and pressing f8 . you automaticly get the boot menu.
  2. The F8 key takes me into the windows menu.

    I want to use the bios boot menu (F12) to start the system from a live linux distro that is on a stick.
  3. Please check the motherboard manual if it support this feature. Still not all motherboard support this feature - booting from a USB stick.
  4. Sometimes the option is listed as USB-HDD. If that is not there, with your USB drive plugged in, boot in to the BIOS. Then as for boot order, if you only have the option to select hard drive as a boot option as opposed to specifying HDD-0, HDD-1 etc. there will be an option to change the order of hard drives. Go into that and your drive might show up there. Then you can leave the hard drive as your primary boot option and tell it to look for the flash drive first before booting to the main hard drive.
  5. Some motherboards do not support booting from USB. What motherboard do you have?
  6. I am using intel desktop original motherboard and a p4 intel processor. When i switch on the system it will show only the intel logo. Is it a bios failure? Then i connect my friend's hard disk, then also it shows this logo. When i remove the ram, the bios is making beep sound. What i do? Can i update my bios or replace the bios?
  7. Thats not a bios failure, its just intel putting their logo over the info. Usually pushing one of the F keys will get rid of the logo and show other information. Otherwise, you have to go into the BIOS and turn off quiet boot (i think that is what its called). Either way, you need to get into the BIOS to tell if you can boot from a USB.

    Removing the RAM will cause the computer to beep. It won't boot without it.

    Also, pushing the pause key on the keyboard will cause the computer to pause the boot process allowing you more time to look along the bottom of the screen for the appropriate key to push to get where you need to go. If its an intel motherboard, I would imaging one of the F keys 1-12 will get you to the BIOS. I would guess F2, F9, or F11. Could be another one though. Without knowing a model number on the Motherboard, I can't tell much else.
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