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Hello All, I am quite the noobie and am in the middle of my first build. I have all the parts and am in the middle of putting it together and appear to have hit a roadblock with the fan connections and could use some assistance.

Set up:

Case: CM 690

MOBO: Gigabyte GA-MA790GPT-UD3H

PSU: Antec EarthWatts EA650 650W

I would like to set up the three stock fans to the MOBO.

The MOBO has 4-pin CPU fan header (CPU_FAN), a 3-pin (SYS_FAN2) and a 4-pin (SYS_FAN1) system fan headers, and a 3-pin power fan header (PWR_FAN) and a North Bridge Fan Header.

The CM 690 has three stock fans that all have 3-pin connectors as well as molex adapters.

Basically, how do I connect the fans? The rear fan will only reach the NB fan header and all the fans have 3-pin connectors. So what would I connect to the 4-pin sys fan header and what about the PWR fan? Should I be connecting any of the fans to the PSU instead of the MOBO? Is there a fan connection on the PSU to the MOBO?

I know this are probably pretty simple questions, but this is my very first build and apparently I didn't know quite as much as I thought so any info or guidance on this would be great, I have been looking online for a while and really haven't been able to find specific answers.
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  1. Im pretty sure there are cheap 3-4 pin fan adapter cables.

    The PSU has a 20/24 pin connector to the motherboard and an 8/4 pin connector to the motherboard.

    The CPU_FAN header needs to be plugged into the CPU heatsink fan.

    You can plug any/all of the case fans into the PSU molex connectors, but you loose software control over the fan speed.

    There are separate fan controller modules you can get that fit into external 5.25 bays and let you control the fan speeds.
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