Cannot install c-media CMI 8738/C3DX

dear guy
i had a problem to install c-media driver to main board (asus p4s533)
when i put the cd support that come with mainboard in cd-rom , that auto run , but it does't show item to click "install c-media voice device" that launch to install driver. in other way i direct install device throught control panel , when during install driver the computer shut-down and show blue screen error.

have any one can help me , please
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  1. Are you trying to install the audio drivers? What operating system are you running?

    It might be easier to find the driver online and try to install it that way. =P
  2. dear gekko shadow

    thank for you kindness for your suggested, i accidently find out in former posted in this forum that this problem caused of registry and i already finished it absoluty.

    best regard
  3. Lol, not a problem mate. Glad your issue was resolved =)
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