Simpletech external hard drive not recognized

I have a 500 GB external hard drive that suddenly stopped being recognized by my computer. It contains mostly photographs but I don't know how many. Please tell me how to get it recognized so I can get photos out.


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  1. Go into disk management and see what it says there about the drive. You can also take the drive out of the external box and connect it inside your computer like a regular hdd. If you have to there are free software programs that can recover data from a bad drive.
  2. Simpletech. I had one of those. It constantly becomes unrecognized and you have to unplug it and reattach. "I" tried everything. Or maybe just turn off and on. Also if it is on while I start computer, the thing hangs at windows flash screen and I have to reboot.

    I took it apart and used the drive in my new build until prices come down. SATA 2 1 TB. No probs. And when I want to transfer files, I put it back in the Simple case and use as an external.

    Had I know this I would not have bought it. Lots of references to this same prob.
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