2x HD3780 upgrade or silence

Hi id like a few oppinions on something

my PC runs with 2 HD3870 cards in Crossfire, my PC these days is used mainly as a media centre, so id like to either silence the cards or upgrade them with something silent that runs on a par in terms of performance.

Ive looked at the Thermalright GPU Coolers and the Accelero coolers. Am i better going down this route or upgrading to a new card.

I dont play many games on the PC anymore, mainly Eve Online, fear2 and occiasionally crysis / crysis 2, all of which run great with the current set up.



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  1. Have you tried using Rivatuner to reduce your fan speeds? The ATI software doesn't let us control fan speeds on 3870s, but you can with Rivatuner. Monitor the temps.
  2. No i hadnt thought of that. I will look into it.

    Thanks for the sugestion.

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