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So, I just finished my custom waterloop for my cpu and I am no going to add the sli gtx 670 I have.

This is where i get confused, I'm going with the waterblock.

So, I got the z77 sabertooth motherboard and will need a bridge that fits that. The spacing between the pci e slots is 6cm, so is this a dual or triple bridge? Also I'm a little lost as to what you need between the bridge and the block and also what to buy for locking up the 3rd spot if its a tri bridge.

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  1. Find a different block, EK Nickel is not good,
    The easiest way of doing it is to make up a small length of tubing between the two cards,
    check the gallery for some examples,
  2. Ok, so any recommandation for a waterblock ?
  3. Depends on which 670's you have, it may be a reference or non-reference Pcb so post manufacturer and we'll go from there, non-ref may not have fullcover blocks available though, just so you know
  4. I got reference 670 pcb with the gainward gtx 670, and also what are the downsides with the ek nickel+acetal block? I really love the looks !

    And thanks again!

    Best regards,
  5. The only thing that really concerns me is the fitting between the cards,

    I see two holes in each block that goes straight through, would it, if only 1 cards was used, be able to go in whatever hole and out whatever hole you wanted and just plug the others ?

    Sorry if i come of like an idiot, but want to buy the right parts etc.
    theres a lot of documentation on the net about it, EK's 'solution' is to blow your guarantee unless you use their approved coolant,
    which is no way to solve a problem, so most folks will steer you away from their nickel stuff, I have two of the HF Supreme Vga copper blocks on my loop so no problems with EK, just their nickel blocks :)
    Razors popular,
    EK's copper,
    Aqua do one,
    its down to your aesthetic tastes at this point, reference means you have a greater choice, or you can go for universal blocks which will fit your next upgrade cards too, but will require VGA Heatsinks to cover the Vram chips
  7. I missed the question about plugging, you posted whilst I did :)
    yes, a lot of blocks have four holes, you just select which you want to use and the blocks should come with two plugs for the unused ports
  8. Oh ok, so all i need is lets say 1/4" fittings in two holes and just tubing inbetween? that'll do? without the bridge ?
  9. the razors have 7 ports :) are you sure about the 1/4" tubings?
  10. Scroll down bro, they come with five 1/4 plugs....
    I guess they brought out a new and improved version lol, only used to have the normal number of ports, and yes, you can still use normal fittings and a wee bit of tube to bridge :)
    Sheesh, newbs :P
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