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im building a new pc and i have all new parts except the hdd. i planed on using my old hdd it has vista on it and i purchesed a copy of windows 7 with all the new parts. what im wondering is how i go about using the old hard drive as the main drive for the new build due to the fact i dont have the money to spend on the inflated and outrageous prices of internal hdd's right now. do i just throw it into the new build and boot up with the windows 7 disk or should i wipe it using the old computer before i put it in the new pc. i dont care about the data on the hdd i want to start fresh anyway.
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  1. As long as you aren't planning on keeping any of the data on the hdd, just put the hdd in the new build, and boot up with the windows 7 disk. After clicking "install" you can choose the advanced method and there it will allow you to format the drive before you install Windows 7.
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