Upgrading mobo and cpu from q8300

Hello once again, peoples....I've been around the grapevine and I've been considering upgrading my mobo and cpu. Here's my system:

mobo: ASUS P5G43T-M PRO
CPU: Intel C2Q Q8300
RAM: 6 GB DDR3 RAM (PC3-10700)
GFX: HIS ati radeon 5850
HD: 600 GB
PSU: OCZ ModxStream Pro 500W

Since LGA 775 is now a dead socket, I've been considering switching to AMD and getting a Phenom II X6 1055T with this asus motherboard:


I'm trying to keep a reasonable budget under $500. I'm also wondering if switching to amd will grant me better longevity...or should I save up for Intel- based systems? Any input is welcome! Thanks!
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  1. Is that 6gb a triple channel kit? If so just go with an i7-920/930 and a decent x58 motherboard.
  2. nah, it's a dual channel.
  3. im a bit of a nub with the memory...i know my cpu-z says it's dual channel, but where do i find the nitty gritty?
  4. citizen_elvis said:
    nah, it's a dual channel.

    In that case the PhII X6 would be a good choice. I personally do not like Asus. Never had any luck with their motherboards. I prefer gigabyte.
  5. Quote:
    Go to the SPD tab and see what config it is..

    yeah the config's the way you said @ 2G*2+1G*2
  6. yeah, i plan on gaming and college work for the most part. I'll keep your suggestion in consideration :D
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