Reviving Dead Toshiba Laptop

I need advice

I have a Toshiba laptop (which ran Windows Vista), it's hard drive crashed (it's clicking and not doing anything) and now it is pretty much useless. I do not have any Toshiba recovery or OS disks

I had a Dell Laptop which ran Windows Vista, however I have their OS disk, In addition I also have windows 7 OS disk


1. If I buy a cheap external USB HDD, can I run the Dell Windows Vista CD on my Toshiba Laptop CD Drive, and load the OS on the USB HDD and make this work?

2. If I buy a HDD for Toshiba Laptop and insert the Dell CD will it work?

3. Should I buy a HDD for Toshiba laptop and just install windows 7 OS (I bought one to upgrade and never used it)

Why am I doing this: Toshiba looks fine and I like the laptop, plus I am too cheap to buy a new laptop and spend $350+

Please advice
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  1. I would try installing Vista using the DELL CD and the Toshiba key.
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