Can PCI Cards be Mounted at an Angle?

I'm trying to think of ways to save space when mounting PCI cards, and was curious of any adapters existed to change the angle the cards sit at. IE, instead of a 90 degree angle to the MB, a 45 or 60 angle.

Hope the question makes sense. If it doesn't, I'll draw a picture. :)
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  1. That's the idea. I'm toying with the idea of mounting the two PCs I use under a shelf, hanging rather than sitting on a surface. I still want enough room on the shelf to put other components (router, gamepads not in use, etc).

    It might end up being a lot of extra use for something there is already a solution for, but I really want to build something almost for the sake of building it, to tell the truth, and I like the idea I have in my head, so I'm just gonna go for it. :)

    Thanks for the tips. I think the flexible solution is the way to go. Makes what I want to do that much more feasible!
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