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I've had liquid cooling for quite a while now, and recently i've opened up my case and dedusted everything (unscrewed cpu cooling) etc. Right now my cpu is running idle-ish about 20% load. The temps are geting 55-60 degrees. Not sure why. In games i havnt tested yet but before idle temps were about 40 degrees. Would it be something i did wrong screwing it back together?

I also have 2 monitors (1920x1080) and (1280x1024)
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  1. You didn't apply new thermal compound did you? That's what it points to for me. If you did, then you probably didn't put enough or you put too much. Any time you pull the block off of the CPU you need to use isopropyl alcohol and a lint free cleaning cloth or coffee filter and clean the old thermal paste off and apply new.
  2. oh i just took it off and put it back... should i clean it?
  3. mogen1000 said:
    oh i just took it off and put it back... should i clean it?

    any time you break the bond between the hs and cpu (themral paste), it should be cleaned and re-applied with new paste. It dries somewhat when it cures so removing it and putting it back on just introduced air pockets, and thats not good.

    Think of it as a grilled cheese sandwich, nice and gooey when its warm, but pull it apart when its cold, basically the same thing.
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