Is tweaktown reputable on there reviews?

was looking at a review specificly

wondered if they are reputable or not?

also any ideas wich is faster the mushkin or the corsair GT
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  1. It's a legit review. The Mushkin is faster than the Corsair GT. This might help.,3139-6.html

    If I was replacing my Vertex 2 I would buy a Samsung 830. They have a great reputation for reliability and speed.
  2. hmm well i think so just was'nt sure about that site.

    im looking for a 60gb drive or maybe the 90gb corsair gt. and iv come to the conclusion that although mushkin delux is faster i think that may only hold true for the 120gb drives and up for the toggle nand has only 8channles instead of 16 according to toshiba, and a review on the 60gb mushkin the mushkin delux60gb might be a bit slower then the 60gb corsair gt but faster at higher capacities. wish i could find more about the toggle nand other then an outdated page by toshiba
  3. Did you read this comparison article on the front page?,3137.html
  4. yes sure did, unfortunatly mushkin was not included in that round-up wish tomshardware would edit that and include the mush.

    Now, i am wondering if my theary about the mushkin 60gb with toggle nand is a good theory or not? i dont own either so i dont know
  5. TweakTown has been around for quite some time. They have an Australian version and a USA version of their site. Their hardware reviews are good. I can count on them having a new hardware review or two almost every day. It is one of about 80 sites that I check regularly for hardware reviews that I post:

    You asked about the Mushkin Chronos Deluxe and the Corsair Force GT ssd's. I maintain the ssd database listed in the sticky at the very top of this forum section:

    Scroll down to the Mushkin section where you will find a few additional links to reviews of the Chronos Deluxe and a link to the product page. The Corsair section has quite a few links to Force GT reviews.
  6. Don't get hung up on getting the fastest SSD. Quoting Tom's best SSD for the money article.,3139-6.html

    " As a point of comparison, a file operation completes 85% faster on a low-end SSD than it does on a high-end hard drive, but there is only an 88% speed difference between a high-end hard drive and a high-end SSD. That why you shouldn't let less aggressive benchmark results at the low-end deter you from making the switch. You don't have to have the best SSD to get great performance relative to a hard drive. "

    I have a tier 10 Vertex 2 I bought in late 2010. I see no reason at all to upgrade to the latest and the greatest when Windows still boots in under 15 seconds. I got it for overall system responsiveness and every click seems pretty much instant.

    In fact, if anything I would go with a slower SSD with more capacity. Even with 120GB I still feel like I have to micromanage space. I have Windows 7 Ultimate x64, Office 2007 and other programs and about 10 games on here. I have to uninstall games I am not actively playing to have space for new ones. Easy enough with Steam but still.
  7. Buy for reputation and customer service, you could buy the slowest SSD and it will still run circles around your mechanical drive. I was given a hard time over my "OLD" sand force controller in my force 3 compared to the m4 controller, I could care less it's fast as hell.
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