Will this setup work? Can it be improved?

I am building a high-end rig for hardcore 3d gaming and other demanding tasks. I am going to overclock it.
Will it work? Can it be improved? :??:

CPU: Intel i7 930 2.8ghz. Is it overclockable? How much with this build?
GPU: Geforce gtx 480. I will be getting this no matter what. :kaola:
Motherboard: Asus P6X58D Premium.
RAM: Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600 6GB CL7
HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 1 Tb
Case: Antec Twelve Hundred
PSU: Antec cp-850W
CPU Cooler Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus
Optic drive: Samsung SH-D163B
SSD: HD Patriot TORQX m28 128gb
Monitor: Samsung 21.5 2233RZ 120hz
Cooling paste: OCZ Freeze Extreme

Thanks in advance. :D
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  1. jonezh said:
    I am building a high-end rig for hardcore 3d gaming and other demanding tasks. I am going to overclock it.
    Will it work? Can it be improved? :??:

    I have yet to see any benchmarks of the i7 930, but one would assume that it clocks just as well as the i7 920, and most likely a bit higher, just remember all CPUs are different, and none can tell you how well your particular sample will perform.

    If you are going for max overclocking potential you should get a better cooler like the Prolimatech Megahalems or the Noctua NH-D14. The Cooler Master 212 Plus is a great budget cooler, but when you reach max overclocking speeds, it is being stressed.

    Arctic Cooling MX-3 is a better thermal paste.

    The rest of your system looks like a killer setup, great choice in case and PSU.
  2. Come on... Please reply... :(
  3. The more opinions, the better.
  4. You can get that case and psu in a combo. Boom, just saved you 25$. Also if you want a GTX 480, you should consider a 1000W PSU, and a hyper 212 cooler to protect you're cpu from the heat of the GTX 480. The 100W psu could be a necesity for SLI with 2 of those. Also, i linked a fire extignusher in case you're gtx 480 lights on fire.




  5. ^Lol good idea with that last link... but I bet the GTX 480 will come with one in the box with a nice little mounting kit for the side of your case.

    No back to being serious if you are going to get a SSD i would highly reccomend getting one that supports TRIM also if you are going with the Antec 1200 and have this kind of a budget i see no reason for not getting the CP-1000
  6. Aloid
    The torqx m28 does support TRIM.
    Unfortunately, the Antec CP-1000 is unavailable in Denmark at the moment. I will look for it later. :(
    And i am sure that an 850W PSU will support sli without a problem. Not that i will need sli anyways.

    I live in denmark and Newegg is unfortunately unavailable to me. But thank you for trying.
    And errrm, did you read my first post? The Hyper 212 plus is already in there. But i am changing it for the Noctua NH-D14 with Arctic Silver 5 High-Density Polysynthetic Silver Thermal Compound. Far more powerfull cooling. :sol:

    Any other opinions? :D
  7. Don't blindy get the GTX 480. You should realy wait and read a rewiew on tom's, see if it's anygood. You said you're going to buy it no matter what. If it Runs at 100C, uses 750Watts of power, and has the speed of a 7600Gt, would you still spend 700$ on it? I'm not saying it's going to be that bad, but you need to be carefull before you buy.
  8. I am just about 98% sure that i will be getting an Nvidia Geforce Gtx 4xx.
    1. It will make me able to play games in 3d. Possiby at very high settings without lag.
    2. It has great tesselation performance and dx11.
    3. I already have an ATI and i want to try the other side.
    Plus, of cource its not going to be 100C, use 750Watts of power, or have the speed of a 7600Gt. Be realistic ;)
    And of cource i will read about a million reviews about "fermi" and all the other hardware i buy.

    Thank you for trying to help, but it will be very hard to change my mind.

    Anyone else have something to improve? Say?
  9. 1. All right, just please just read a tom's rewiew first.

    2. How do you know that? Some benchmarks have been leajed, but they arn't officail or even accurate.

    3. Before you buy, make sure you homeowner's insurance that covers fires, a smoke decter, and a fire extungisher.
  10. ... why would they make crap that explodes?
    Fine... :pfff: I will buy a smoke detecter.

    More opinions on the build!
  11. Memory - if budget allows, consider the Mushkin CAS 6 DDR3-1600 (Model No. 998692) w/ Ascent Liquid Coolers

    Hard Drives - Check out the performance charts and pick whatever 500 GB per platter drive performs best under your usage patterns. The WD Black 2 TB is a good choice but at smaller capacities, you are limited to the Seagate 7200.12 or the Spinpoint F3. The 7200.12 excels in gaming, multimedia and pictures whereas the F3 wins at music and movie maker. See the comparisons here (copy past link in manually, link won't work in forum):


    Monitor - Acer GD235HZbid 23.6" 2ms Widescreen 1080p 120Hz 3D-Ready LCD Monitor

    Heat Sink - Consider the Megahalems w/ IC Diamond 7 Karat TIM very easy to install, top 3 performer in almost every review



    Optical - No Blue Ray ? Consider Plextor 320SA

    SSD - vertex2 should drop any day.
  12. JackNaylorPE
    Mushkin CAS 6 DDR3-1600 is unfortunately unavailable here in Denmark.
    I prefer the spinpoint f3 because it is faster at reading/writing. I will be installing all my games on the SSD anyways.
    I find that lcd too expensive, and rather unattractive. I will stay with the 2233rz for now.
    as for cooling, this is basically as good as it gets. Noctua NH-D14 with Arctic Silver 5 High-Density Polysynthetic Silver Thermal Compound.
    No blueray. Period.
    Vertex 2 is WAY too expensive. I like the Torqx. it is fairly cheap, and quite fast. + 10year warrenty.

    Very nice ideas, im sorry that i wont use any of them. :(
  13. Uh, the SSD might not be the best way to spend that money. The cash might be better reporposed towards a nice motherboard, or graphics. Also, speaking of motherboards, this one went on sale at newegg, and i liked at even at 300$, nevermind on sale with a rebate.

  14. Uh...
    I have chosen a VERY Nice and up to date motherboard, and graphics so new that it is not even out yet.
    Plus, a good SSD greatly improves boot- and loading times.
  15. That motherboard is fail for multi gpu. 16x 8x 8x xfire, not even 16x 16x 8x. You're better off with a EVGA board at that price range. Cheaper board, and has true xfire/sli. however, lacks usb 3,0 and satsa 6.0gbs. Also, you should reporpuse the ssd money towards you're bank account, or paying the rent, it's just not worth the money.

  16. Im actually with Bobthebuilder on this one. I would not get your heart set on the Fermi cards. everything I have read is that the NVIDIA fanboys will be disappointed again and will still stick with the 5970's.

    Just becareful and expect to be disappointed.

    And no I am not an ATI FANBOY I want the best availible product.
  17. jonezh said:
    as for cooling, this is basically as good as it gets. Noctua NH-D14 with Arctic Silver 5 High-Density Polysynthetic Silver Thermal Compound.

    I was tempted to try the Noctua but the 3+ pound weight was more than I was comfy with. The AS5, no way.....don't want to wait a year before I fine tune my overclocks


    Here is the Arctic Silver 5 recommended cure time instruction from the manufacturers web site:

    Due to the unique shape and sizes of the particles in Arctic Silver 5's conductive matrix, it will take a up to 200 hours and several thermal cycles to achieve maximum particle to particle thermal conduction and for the heatsink to CPU interface to reach maximum conductivity. (This period will be longer in a system without a fan on the heatsink or with a low speed fan on the heatsink.) On systems measuring actual internal core temperatures via the CPU's internal diode, the measured temperature will often drop 2C to 5C over this "break-in" period. This break-in will occur during the normal use of the computer as long as the computer is turned off from time to time and the interface is allowed to cool to room temperature. Once the break-in is complete, the computer can be left on if desired.

    So by my estimation of this statement it would take almost a year of normal use to properly cure the AS5 compound, or almost nine days of continuous power cycles to meet their recommendation.
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