My foxconn 945g7mc ks2hv motherboard shuts down when i power it up

my foxconn 945g7mc ks2hv motherboard shuts down after 3sec. when i power it up.
it has no speaker so i cant hear if there is a beep on startup
iv put in a 2.40 intel core 2 quad
1gb x 2 rams
no vid card
no sound card
PSU is a 430w atx
iv also tried a 600w to but it still shuts down
iv taken out the hole mobo an tried it on cardboard thinkin it shorts on the case but its not that
iv tried putttin a flat head screewdriver on the power pins on the mobo to put it on thinkin its the front panel switches but its not that either

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  1. What CPU are you trying to use? That's a very old board and I don't show that it supports any quad core chips.

    Do you have a different CPU that will work with it? At the very least you will probably need to update the BIOS.
  2. No thats the only CPU i have
  3. What CPU is it? How did you come across these old parts? Did you buy them used? If so, did you buy them from the same company/person and did they claim they worked together? Is just a computer you've had a while that suddenly stopped working? It's hard to help without knowing a little more background info.

    We also need to know a little more about the specs. What exact RAM do you have? "1gb x 2 rams" doesn't really narrow it down at all. What 430W PSU do you have? Are those parts new or old?
  4. well the mobo iv had it since new just never put it together
    the CPU im not sure about exact specs but as i said its a 2.40 intel core 2 quad
    the rams are markvision 1gb
    the PSU is a 20 pin atx
    i had these parts new just never used them.
    my other pc is bein used by my mom most of the time thats why iv put that other one up
  5. Thank you very much for your interest so far Shortstuff
    i just took it down again an put it up
    now it stays on but i get nothing on my screen.
    The screen stays in sleep mode an i still get no BEEP
    All fans are on an HD is active but i get no HD light. the light comes on when the system is powered on but the light comes off after an does not come back on
    This is the first time it has been powered on, stayed on since i bought this mobo
  6. The next step would be to perform EVERY step in the READ before posting about boot problems! sticky at the top of the forum. I still think motherboard/CPU compatibility is going to be an issue.
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